Environmental Initiatives


As we celebrate our 24th Anniversary of producing scenic, wildlife and nature calendars, we welcome new growth potential while facing very real and immediate environmental challenges.

My dreams and aspirations, my family life, my personal relationships, my business practices, have all been directly affected by my time in the field, observing, studying, collecting data, photographing and enjoying wildlife and wild places. Over the many years on assignment in the field, working from the high arctic to the southern deserts, we have seen first hand the frightening environmental changes occurring across North America. From the significant decline in condition, health and populations of the animals we work with, to habitat loss due to over-development, industrial growth and climate change, we have seen the combination take a devastating toll on the world’s wildlife.

Since the launch of our very first calendar in 1994, we have worked diligently to maintain exceptionally high-quality printing while becoming more environmentally responsible and economically efficient. Since 2001, all of our prepress work is produced electronically using direct-to-plate technology, eliminating the use of film and environmentally harmful chemicals. In 2004, we began using aqueous coatings instead of vinyl laminates, and switched to vegetable-based inks, resulting in a totally recyclable product. From 2008 onward, we have partnered with one of the very best FSC certified printing companies in the world, who conserves energy and resources, and uses environmentally friendly materials, printing on FSC certified papers.

Going forward, we will continue to address environmental concerns as we continue to bring you the exquisite award-winning nature photography featured in the finest environmentally friendly products you have come to expect from Bela Baliko Photography and Publishing Inc.