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“…there burst upon us that which, all in our little company agreed, was the finest view any of us had ever beheld in the Rockies. Those miles and miles of lake, the unnamed peaks rising above us, one following the other, each more beautiful than the last. We had reached the narrows of which Samson had told us. …we could have looked ahead and aloft and said, ‘This is Paradise.’ ” Mary T.S. Schäffer, 1908 Canadian Rockies – A Photographic Journey is for all who have travelled or have ever considered travelling to this unique and, for the most part, unpopulated and unspoiled 155,000 sq km (60,000 sq mi) mountain wilderness. This stunning photographic collection portrays the grandeur of the region through its most popular iconic locations. As well, the historical, geographical, geological and natural facts and phenomena make the text an enjoyable and informative reading experience. This publication will surely be a most cherished memento of time spent in this area. The impressions these majestic mountains make upon you during your trek will be lasting ones. After you leave, Canadian Rockies – A Photographic Journey will rekindle your thoughts and feelings about this spectacular destination. As you read the historical quotes, some dating back over one hundred years, you will discover that these personal thoughts and reflections are as relevant today as when the early travellers to the area first set foot here; they will resonate with all present-day visitors who follow in their footsteps. I sincerely hope that this photographic portfolio will give you greater insight into the timeless beauty and magnificence of the Canadian Rocky Mountains as you traverse its pages. Bela Baliko

ISBN 9781771751902