Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

“Spirit of the Rockies”
Limited Edition of 195 | Artist Proof 25

To the Stoney Indians it was known as “Chaba Imne”, Beaver Lake. In 1908, using a map drawn by a Stoney Indian named Samson Beaver, Mary Schäffer (1861-1939), member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and of the Geographical Society of America, found Maligne Lake. The term maligne is French for “wicked” and was used by Father Pierre Jean de Smet (1801-1873), a Belgian Jesuit missionary, to describe the treacherous river that flows from the lake. The name soon spread to the lake, canyon, pass, mountain and range. At 22 kilometres (14 mi) in length it is the largest totally glacier-fed lake in North America. Spirit Island at the Samson Narrows is one of the most magnificent scenes in the Canadian Rockies and has kindled the spirit of artists, photographers and writers from around the globe. The pristine waters of Maligne Lake are located 48 kilometres (29 mi) southeast of the town of Jasper.

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